Who Are We?

Caring for the Environment (CftE) was created in 2019 by a group of 8th grade students attending Academy for Discovery at Lakewood (ADL).  This organization is supervised by ADL and Keep Norfolk Beautiful (KNB), is student-led, and aims to provide Norfolk (and eventually the rest of Virginia) with a beautiful, healthy, litter-free environment.  CftE is doing this by volunteering to clean up litter (as shown through our photos at the bottom of this page) and by preventing people from littering in the future (by helping them move those few extra steps to throw out their trash).  We prevent people from littering in the future by painting trash cans, which (through their colors) are scientifically proven to attract your eye and motivate you to throw out your trash.  Although only 3 trash cans were painted this year and placed in different locations (Lafayette Park, Larchmont Park, and ADL), we will continue this project at ADL for many years to come, so that (hopefully) Norfolk's parks will be full of beautiful trash cans in the future!  

You may be wondering why we started this organization and what drives us to do what we do every single day.  Caring for the Environment was born when 3 students decided that the most pressing predicament in Norfolk is that there is litter everywhere.  After many decisions and much hard work, this organization has grown tremendously  and continues to grow, so that litter can be a problem of the past and not the future.  We aim to provide Norfolk with a beautiful, litter-free environment that everyone can enjoy.  As you can see, we love caring for the environment (no pun intended) and that's why we work tirelessly to clean it.  So, why not work a little harder to make sure that this beautiful planet is here for many generations to come?

However, this work does come with a price tag.  In order to combat this and continue our work, we are currently looking for any child-friendly/school-appropriate organization that is willing to sponsor us.  If you know an organization that seems likely to sponsor us, please notify us by emailing us at and/or by filling out our contact form (under the Contact Us page).  We would love to hear about your organization or another organization that's willing to sponsor us.  

Here's a few things we would use the money for (to help you see if we're a "good fit" for your organization):

 - Running the website (domain, email, etc.)

 - Advertising our business and the impact we're making

 - Supplies for painting trash cans (trash cans, paint, tarps, etc.)

 - Organize events (e.g. litter clean up)

 - Donate to other, more influential organizations (Elizabeth River Project, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Keep Norfolk Beautiful, etc.)

Well, we hope you read this and find us a "perfect fit".  If so, please contact us (through the Contact Us page).  We hope to hear from you soon!

Want to Help?

If you like what we do here at Caring for the Environment and would like to help support us financially, please visit our Donate page.

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